Used Cooking Oil: A plausible answer to India’s Fuel Security (August 26, 2013)

India is world’s third largest Greenhouse gas emitter and also plays a critical role in climate change talks. However, it still remains a country...

We live in a country replete with contradictions in almost all aspects. Consider poverty and rampant food insecurity that most households have to live with in India. On the other side is the huge consumption of vegetable oils, ghee, palm oil etc., in our kitchens. And this consumption continues to steadily rise with time.

We are a nation of food lovers. We love our spices, mithai and curries. We especially love the roadside chat, pakodeandparathas. But never do we realize, the immense weight behind this. They are all made with vegetable or cooking oils in different proportions.

But that’s not all, more often than not, in our kitchens, restaurants and dhabasalike, we reuse this already used oil. Okay, we learned in our classes that “re-use is good” but not in this case, not at the cost of one’s health.

Unfortunately, with the rising requirement of edible oil, the corresponding oilseed production is actually declining and consequently, oil imports are increasing.

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