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The Future Of Energy

Turn-Key Bio-Fuel Production Processes

For A Sustainable Future

Working For a Cleaner Tomorrow

We specialize in the eco-friendly manufacturing of combustible Bio Diesel. Our services allow our clients to dispose of their used cooking oil through our efficient collection and recycling infrastructure. 


We are here to play our part in the creation of a sustainable and cleaner tomorrow. Our technological expertise, world-class oil processing plants and extensive experience give us the capacity to serve clients across a range of industrial and commercial sectors.

A rapidly growing network of local and international business and cause partners

A sustainable and productive route towards the effective disposal of waste

Eco-friendly waste-processing systems driven by a dedicated team of experts

Helping fuel the future by effectively reducing reliance on traditional fossil-fuels

100% ECO-friendly 


We always STrive to produce new ideas that help us in our recycling process

The Spirit Of Our Operations

Why BIOD Energy?

BIOD ENERGY was created with the idea of identifying opportunities for sustainable fuel development. The model was built on the core idea that any sustainable development would have to be 100% independent of alternate activities, such as those that have been leading to increased deforestation. In the same vein, the BIOD ENERGY model was created to be able to perform without contributing to water wastage or environment harm.

We believe in working for the benefit of the society at large. Before setting up the Bio Diesel Plant we kept that in mind and tried to give back the society in larger amount what it has given to us in the making of our dream come true.

Initiating Change

Initiating Change

Our initiative is a first of its kind in Delhi/NCR. Through our awareness drive, we highlight how harmful consuming used cooking oil is to a consumer's health and how we offer innovative answers for managing your used cooking oil.

Leading Sustainability

Leading Sustainability

Our model is designed to grow in direct proprotion with the economy and exponential industrialization. We aim to make a direct contribution to the assurance of a sustainability in order to compensate for the global economy's carbon footprint.

Purifuing Life

Purifying Life

Our objective is to work towards a greener and healthier future that gives future generations the room they need to enjoy their lives. All of our efforts are in line with modern regulatory requirements and driven by our world-class team of experts.

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