We, as a responsible corporation hold a vision to excel as one of the world leading Bio Diesel producer with our fine service. We reckon that we will provide our consumers and employees with all the ease that they are worthy of.

We have visioned to make our company globally strongest and best in delivering the services to our consumers.

The firmament that God created beautifully has turned obscure now. Harmful emissions, global warming and factory waste has made the conditions go worse and we need to take up the GREEN PATH, the path that leads to a better time ahead.

We, at BIOD ENERGY (INDIA) PVT LTD., stand together to struggle in making the Earth a better place to live by providing outstanding bio fuel services around the globe.


  • We intend to stretch our Bio Diesel sales to USD 90m per annum and by product sales to USD 15m per annum. Thus, total of USD 105m per annum.
  • We also plan to create a considerate number of job opportunities.
  • Introducing creative technologies and services time to time for our consumer and making their experience better.
  • Providing good work environment to our employees
  • Our core competency lies in providing the best service at minimum price possible